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Mobility and International Cooperation Office

Mobility and International Cooperation Office


The powers of the Office of International Mobility and Cooperation (GMCI) fall within the scope of providing support in the development and internationalization of IPVC and in national and international cooperation with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and of promoting the mobility of students and teaching and non-teaching staff.

The powers of the Office of International Mobility and Cooperation constitute:

  • Preparing and overseeing cooperation programs with HEIs and other national and international organizations
  • Analyzing and reporting compliance with the institutional policy of cooperation proposals (agreements, protocols, arrangements, among others) and overseeing their performance
  • Networking and playing the role of intermediary between the various national and foreign bodies within its scope of duties
  • Supporting the development of activities within the scope of inter-institutional networks, consortia, cooperation protocols, and international collaboration projects
  • Operating as an up-to-date information center that processes documentation received from national and foreign HEIs and information on educational, training, and research and development programs from the European Commission and other international organizations by using the existing means for dissemination
  • Developing actions within the scope of exchange and mobility programs and providing administrative support to set up grant application processes
  • Submitting institutional applications to national and international cooperation and/or mobility programs or other relevant programs
  • Supporting the integration of foreign students, researchers, and teaching and non-teaching staff into academic, cultural, and social life by promoting Portuguese language and culture courses and organizing gatherings, tours, and visits
  • Promoting procedural harmonization and the discussion of ideas within the scope of international cooperation and mobility so as to define innovative methodologies that observe the specificities and priorities set forth by the organizational units
  • Promoting seminars, courses, grants, and other relevant actions for students and teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Ensuring the Office’s own files and records

Mobility Programs

IPVC offers its academic community several mobility opportunities for studies, training, or curricular and professional traineeships at national and foreign HEIs, provided that there is an agreement between IPVC and the intended institution.

There are different mobility programs which include mobility within Europe, under the Erasmus+ Program (mobility of students and teaching and non-teaching staff), and mobility outside Europe, through the International Credit Mobility of Individuals and cooperation programs with various HEIs outside Europe, namely in Brazil and Central America.

For more information about these opportunities, namely eligibility criteria, go to the item International in the navigation bar.


Institutional Coordinator for International Relations
Ana Paula Vale – Vice-Presidente

Elsa Coelho
Sónia Simas

Business hours

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Phone: +351 258 809 610
Fax: +351 258 829 065

Gabinete de Mobilidade e Cooperação Internacional – GMCI
Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo – IPVC
Rua Escola Industrial e Comercial de Nun’Álvares, n.º 34
4900-347 Viana do Castelo • Portugal


Updated on 22/02/2021