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IPVC implements a concept based on the Buddy Program in association with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN): “Erasmus Student Network“(ESN).

The Erasmus Guide Friend is meant to facilitate the integration of Incoming Erasmus students and international students into the academic and regional environment and serve as a point of contact at IPVC Schools.

They welcome, orient, and familiarize foreign students with the daily issues of academic life at the School and IPVC as well as with the habits, customs, and traditions of our region.

There are several essential aspects to the integration of a foreign student where the help of Erasmus Guide Friends is always welcome:

  • The search for housing
  • Presenting the students to the School’s Erasmus coordinators and the corresponding Program Coordinator
  • Presenting them to the School’s students and the associative bodies
  • Knowing the IPVC academic calendar
  • Guiding tours of the School that will receive the student and of the other IPVC Schools
  • Knowing the student activities calendar
  • Visits in the Alto Minho region
  • Knowing all the particularities of the Portuguese lifestyle

With the help of Erasmus Guide Friends, foreign students will be able to get a feel of the region and a taste of the local gastronomy and see why they must try Natário’s bola de Berlim, a type of custard doughnut; the Arroz doce, or rice pudding, of the civil parish of Perre; the charutos de ovo of the municipality of Arcos de Valdevez, wafer rolls filled with sweetened egg yolk; the Arroz de Sarrabulho of the vila of Ponte de Lima, a meat and rice stew that is not for the faint of heart; the Codfish in Valença; Monção-style Lamb; and the Lamprey cooked in the municipality of Melgaço. And, of course, they will also get to know the Folklore of the Alto Minho and realize why this region is one of the best places to live!

Advantages of being a Guide Friend

Advantages for IPVC students

  • an opportunity to experience different languages;
  • improve English language skills through frequent and fluent practice;
  • understanding of new cultures;
  • network of contacts and new friendships;
  • certificate of collaboration incorporated into the Diploma Supplement.

If you are an IPVC student and consider yourself to be dynamic and innovative and like to socialize and make new friends, fill out the application form, ‘Erasmus Guide Friend’ and send it via email to  or deliver it directly to the Office of International Mobility & Cooperation (GMCI).


Updated on 23/02/2021